ISIN and CFI codes allocation


In compliance with the Directive of Bank of Russia No. 4561-U dated 03.10.2017 (in the version of No. 4903-U dated 12.09.2018) "On the Procedure for the Qualification of Foreign Financial Instruments as Securities" (further referred to as the “Regulation on qualification”), NSD acting as a full member of the Association of National Numbering Agencies assists market participants in obtaining international codes ISIN and CFI of non-Russian financial instruments for purposes of their qualification as securities in the Russian market.

In terms of this activity NSD offers the following services:

In addition, NSD maintains the ISIN and CFI Database for Non-Russian Financial Instruments that meet the requirements of Bank of Russia Regulation on qualification (further referred to as the “ISIN and CFI Database”).

The ISIN and CFI Database contains information on non-Russian financial instruments and their international codes, provided if:

  • information on financial instruments’ international codes was requested by at least one market participant,
  • ISIN and CFI codes are allocated in accordance with ISO 6166 and ISO 10962 international standards, and the CFI codes meet the requirements of the Regulation on qualification.

The ISIN and CFI Database is available for free and contains the information which is regularly updated:

  • on new financial instruments - after processing the market participants’ requests;
  • on the financial instruments previously added to the ISIN and CFI Database - as a result of the daily monitoring.

Bank of Russia informed on its website that the information on ISIN and CFI codes assigned to foreign financial instruments in accordance with ISO 6166 and ISO 10962 international standards can be found in the ISIN and CFI Database. Every market participant can use this information in order to make a decision on qualification of non-Russian financial instruments as securities in the Russian market.

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